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How to help a shy child during large family gatherings.

A girl hugging her fatherI can’t believe I’m saying this but….

As we enter into the Fall/Winter holiday season, I’ve put together some Do’s and Don’t for helping your child navigate the world of new and distant relatives. For shy children the holidays, and the large gatherings of people they don’t know, can be overwhelming so here are some pinch hit ideas to help you, help them navigate family gatherings. Read More

Playful Parenting

A mother and child playing together

When you become pregnant, it seems like every friend, family member and stranger you bump into has parenting advice to distribute.  It never really bothered me since the intentions usually seemed sincere.  That’s not to say every morsel of information was useful or deeply profound.  That’s why it was surprising to me when one of the most meaningful pieces of parenting advice came from my Father-in-Law.  Ready for it, “watch the ants.” Read More

New Beginnings.

Hands holding a sprouting plantI am pleased to announce the opening of my new Private Practice. I am offering both traditional psychotherapeutic-mental health services to children and their families as well as Sandtray-Therapy Sessions, which can be used as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Read More